The way in which teenagers and young adults interact with games of chance needs to be monitored very closely. Due to their stage of development, they tend to exceed their own limits. These boundaries can be stimulated during games of chance, which can substantially increase the risk of addiction.

We are committed to unambiguous rules for protecting minors

It's important to pay particular heed to youth protection in terms of games of chance.

Age restriction governed by general law

If age limits are set out by law, we comply with the legislation meticulously and monitor this strictly. However, there are no specific provisions for protecting minors in the lottery industry. Merely the general provisions of the Austrian Civil Code and various youth protection regulations of individual provinces apply in this regard.

We are tightening up our requirements further

To protect young people in the best possible manner, Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries have introduced additional requirements. We believe that the legal provisions on their own are insufficient.

From what age are people permitted to engage in games of chance?

Traditional lotteries from 18

In July 2023, Austrian Lotteries introduced a new voluntary self-restriction that goes beyond legal requirements. The age limit for the sale of lottery products and the payout of winnings was set at 18 years. Since 2009, participation in lottery games was possible from the age of 16. The exception here was the class lottery, participation required an age of 18. As of July 10, 2023, the age limit for the sale of all lottery products and for the payout of winnings was raised to the completed age of 18.

How is this monitored?

Our retail partners are contractually obliged to adhere to age limits. They are subjected to systematic checks via mystery shopper visits by an independent agency. Sanctions are imposed for breaches and the offender's contract could be terminated.

Young man shows his driver's license at a lottery retailer to prove he is 18 years old to play the lottery.

In case of doubt, with ID check: Since July 10, you have to be at least 18 years old to participate in Austrian Lotteries games. © Achim Bieniek

Casinos, WINWIN and win2day from the age of 18

The age limit for visiting casinos and WINWIN outlets is set at 18 in the Austrian Gaming Act (Section 25(1) and Section 5(4)). An official photographic ID document is needed to verify the individual's age.

The age limit also applies to registration and participation in games and sports betting on the win2day online gambling site, as set out in the gambling rules and the licensing decision of the Austrian Finance Ministry.

tipp3 sports betting from 18

There is an age limit of 18 for the use of tipp3's sports betting products.

While sports betting is not classed as a game of chance in Austria, and is therefore not subject to the Austrian Gaming Act, it is regulated on a regional level in every province. All regional licences set the age of participation in sports betting as 18.