Compliance means adhering to rules and regulations. We don't just understand this to mean meeting statutory provisions and regulatory standards, but also implementing internal requirements and ethical standards. As part of this, we establish organisational measures and processes to ensure requirements are adhered to.

Our Code of Conduct forms our central set of behavioural guidelines and the basis of our activities. It includes the most important legal and internal regulations relating to player and data protection, anti-corruption and corporate social responsibility.

Our areas of focus in compliance

Data privacy

Our data protection management system offers the highest level of protection for all customer and visitor data, for the personal data of all employees, and that the rights of data subjects are respected.

Information security

Our information security management system minimises risk and protects the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information so as to prevent financial losses.

Preventing money laundering and crime

We assess money-laundering risk on an ongoing basis and hold regular anti-money-laundering training sessions. This involves us working closely with the Austrian Federal Crime Agency's Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Zero-tolerance for corruption policy: Employee obligation and training

The company does not tolerate corruption and breaches are subject to severe penalties. Employees may not offer, promise, grant or accept any gifts or financial benefits in the course of their business activities in order to gain an advantage. Requests for monetary gifts or financial benefits by business partners or third parties must be rejected and reported.

We run anti-corruption training on a regular basis to raise employee awareness.

We encourage ongoing development

We set particular store by the ongoing development of our compliance management policy. The targets we have set help us to ensure that the management system remains highly effective and to make further improvements.