A lady and a gentleman plant a tree in the ground.

Excursions as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility

The CSR Forum of the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group is the hub of all our CSR activities. Around 50 CSR officers and climate ambassadors from all areas of the company come together six times a year. In addition to discussion, training and information exchange, the group also goes on excursions several times a year.

Impressive result

In May 2023, some of the Forum members, a total of 17 colleagues from different fields, set off for the northern part of Lower Austria, where the "Wald4Leben" project is based. As part of the corporate volunteering programme, they spent an exciting day living climate protection. After a short theoretical introduction on the topic "How do I plant a tree, what do I need to consider?", they rolled up their sleeves and grabbed their shovels and spades. The impressive result of the corporate volunteering: exactly 1,005 new trees were planted! After we were already able to plant around 400 trees in the same area in 2022, once again an important contribution has been made to strengthening the local forest and thus climate protection.

A lady drills a hole in the ground, a gentleman inserts a young tree into it.

About Wald4Leben

A mixed forest of larches, copper beeches, douglas trees and maples is planted at Wald4Leben, as it is more resistant than other types of forest and should be able to reproduce itself. This is important, because the Austrian forests are severely weakened due to a drought that has already lasted several years. The weakened defence reaction is then used by pests such as the bark beetle. In some Lower Austrian districts, it has already destroyed more than half of the forest area. Yet the forest is of enormous importance for our environment: be it for cleaning the air, for protection against wind and noise or as a natural CO2 reservoir. The section of forest planted by our colleagues will now be cared for by the “Forest4Life”-team for the next ten years until it is "self-sufficient" and can be returned to the care of the landowners. 


Group of 17 people at “Forest4Life” in front of two flags of Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries.

We support a variety of Projects

The Casinos Austria & Austrian Lotteries Group is committed to a wide range of projects and institutions that work for the benefit of people and nature. The “s'Häferl” project, for example, does important work in the integration of ex-prisoners and prepares hot meals for the needy on a daily basis. The “Lichtblickhof”, on the other hand, accompanies children with serious and life-shortening illnesses and their families with animal therapies. By supporting these projects and institutions, the group shows its commitment to society.