What does the Lichtblickhof offer?

The Lichtblickhof serves as a unique source of therapeutic support for children affected by grief, traumatic events or incurable, life-limiting illnesses. Committed, specialised therapists work with highly trained therapy horses and dogs to give the affected children a place to enjoy life and support them during challenging times.

How do we provide support?

Day-to-day work at the Lichtblickhof is impacted by its limited resources. The funding for its therapies is often uncertain and it is costly and time-consuming to provide the horses with appropriate care.

Financial support

As a Gold sponsor, Austrian Lotteries are very proud to support this association and its wonderful mission.

Staffing support: Corporate volunteering programme

Alongside financial support, voluntary helpers are also particularly important. Accordingly, numerous employees have already put their time at the Lichtblickhof's disposal as part of our corporate volunteering programme.

Be it helping with tidiness and cleaning, maintenance, gardening, planting, tree-cutting, fence checks or repairs and all the other activities that need to be done on a farm – helping hands are always welcome and our employees are ready and willing to get involved.