Businesses often have to get things from A to B, be they employees or products. In fact, when it comes to mobility, there's a good deal of scope to support the environment.

Coronavirus has a positive impact with the changeover

Our companies provide best-in-class services in the gambling sector. At our head office in Vienna's Rennweg, where more than 800 people are based, this involves traditional office work. Over the past two years or so, the world of work has looked very different for us. This change was sparked by the coronavirus pandemic. We responded quickly, switching to mobile working and working from home wherever possible.

Thanks to its many advantages, this trend has gone down well. In 2021, it was firmly embedded within our companies with the appropriate agreement on working from home. The response is tremendous – in 2022, 754 employees spent a total of 75,861 fewer working days in the office and worked from home instead.

It's clear that people who travel to the office less also travel less in general. Life and work are merging together. Regularly working from home reduces the number of kilometres travelled and, by extension the traffic and CO₂ emitted on the roads. Apart from the fact that people aren't travelling to the office and back, trips in the local environment increase as people use their local infrastructure more often, with short journeys often undertaken by foot or bike.

Our summary

All told, it's clear that the option of working from home doesn't just change the world of work, it also has a positive impact on the environment. The reduction in traffic and CO₂ emissions are just some of the benefits of mobile working. Our aim as a company is to continue taking steps so as to make a positive contribution to protecting our environment in the future, too.

Four women and four men sit at a large meeting table in a modern room. Two other men from home offices take part in the meeting via screen.

Mobile working from home offices has become standard in recent years thanks to hybrid meeting rooms with excellent technical equipment.