Casinos Austria launches „Our commitment to Austria“

Casinos Austria has been supporting socially relevant projects, institutions and initiatives in Austria since its foundation 55 years ago. In doing so, the company has established itself as a long-standing, reliable and strong partner to numerous aid organisations and thus to Austrian society.

Humanitarian commitment

Based on the same inner conviction, the company is now taking its humanitarian commitment a decisive step further. With the new initiative "Our Commitment to Austria", Casinos Austria is taking its socio-political commitment in and for Austria to a new level.

Social drivers

The twelve Austrian casinos, which have already been responsible for regional value creation far beyond their own sales performance as leading tourism enterprises, are now also acting as social drivers in their region. Since the beginning of September 2023, all casino locations have been supporting three regionally based aid organisations as part of the "Our Commitment to Austria" initiative. 

Support on three levels

The focus is on social projects in the immediate vicinity of the twelve casino locations. All casinos are now partners of three organisations each, with support based on three pillars: sponsoring, a casino on tour that generates donations, and corporate volunteering by employees of the respective casino. 

108 additional social activities

This results in 108 additional activities per year throughout Austria for the people and society in the regions. Additional because existing sponsor partnerships remain unaffected and will be continued. The 36 new partnerships thus result in 108 additional social activities per year for the people in Austria.

Employees share social commitment

Casinos Austria's staff also play a central role in this, helping to support and breathe life into this social commitment. Through corporate volunteering assignments for the new partner organisations, helping hands are extended wherever they are needed.

Partner organisations with social concerns

The new partner organisations - including cancer support associations, integrative projects and women's shelters - have one thing in common despite all their differences: they make a socio-politically relevant and indispensable contribution to their region and usually have to get by with limited financial resources and few, often voluntary, employees. Thanks to the partnership with Casinos Austria, they will have much more room for manoeuvre in the future.

Sujet „Unser Einsatz für Österreich“.
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Sponsorship and Support

All of the companies in the Casinos Austria & Austrian Lotteries Group are strong and reliable partners when it comes to sponsoring and supporting initiatives and projects that directly benefit people in Austria. We are committed to numerous organisations, including Licht ins Dunkel, the umbrella organisation Hospiz Österreich, Krebshilfe Österreich, various women's, men's and disabled sports associations and many more.

Since 2022, the Casinos Austria & Austrian Lotteries Group has been uniting its diverse responsibility activities under the thematic umbrella of playsponsible. As a new strong element of responsibility in the group, the Casinos Austria initiative "Our Commitment to Austria" is now also embedded in playsponsible.

For more information see unsereinsatz.casinos.at.