We want our range of games to give you an enjoyable way to spend your free time. In individual cases, though, gaming can become a problem that negatively impacts your life and that of your relatives. For instance, if you spend more time gaming or spend more money than you actually want to.

Gambling addiction is a serious illness that can cause all kind of unpleasant effects, such as financial difficulties, mental health issues and relationship problems.

We would like to encourage a healthy approach to our games. And that's why we're letting you know what you can do to ensure gaming remains fun.

Is my gaming behaviour healthy? 

Worried that your gaming behaviour is unhealthy? This self-assessment might help.

Our support services

Time out from gaming with a self-suspension

Taking time out from gaming is an effective way to control your gaming behaviour and prevent it from impacting you negatively. A self-suspension can help you to control your behaviour. Reflect on how frequently you're playing and your stake limits, and reduce these amounts if necessary. Our self-suspension form can be found here.

Talk to us: Phone advice

Take up the opportunity to have an informative conversation with us. We'll be pleased to answer questions about our range of player protection measures and on further support.
Call our player protection hotline free of charge from anywhere in Austria on 0800 202 304. It goes without saying that absolute confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed.

Talk to an expert: Gambling addiction counselling centres

We offer you the opportunity of getting in touch with a local advice centers directly here. The sooner you seek advice, the more likely it is that you'll overcome gambling-related issues.


Counselling centres: Contact

Here is a selection of counselling centres in your province. Click on the relevant province to see further contact details:

Support and help for relatives of anyone with gambling addiction

If someone from your social circle has a problem with gaming, then you as a relative might also be impacted by this situation and need support.
We offer help and advice to assist you with taking appropriate action, while paying heed to your own needs and limitations. Please feel free to contact us for support.

Further information and  help for relatives can be found here.