Global warming, heavy rain, heatwaves and sea levels rising – these are just a few of the buzzwords that exemplify man-made climate change. Nobody can deny that it's an issue, as it's no longer on the horizon – it's right in front of our eyes.

What we do to protect the planet

As a result, we've decided to take action to protect our planet. Drawing on the Sustainable Development Goals, we're taking clear steps to combat climate change and its effects. We're using the resources at our disposal in a more conscious, responsible way than before. Over the past few years, an array of projects have helped us actively improve our environmental performance.

We calculated our corporate carbon footprint for the first time in 2022, directing a climate protection priority in Q4 at raising awareness among the employees in our Group. This was kicked off with participation in the Glacier Climate Week, streamed live in our innovation hub but also available for employees to watch online.

In conjunction with the focus topic, tours were also organised with 'Austria Guides For Future' and a climate-themed quiz evening was even held.

In January 2023, ten colleagues developed the foundation for a Climate Action Policy, i.e. a raft of measures to reduce our carbon footprint, which all employees must put into practice during their day-to-day work. The proposals are now being evaluated within the relevant areas of the companies and assessed for feasibility.

Besides this, we are constantly trying to reduce our energy consumption and thus our greenhouse gas emissions. At present, we are reviewing an array of measures that could help boost efficiency both at the company's headquarters and in the casinos.